No matter how much manufacturers strive to create replicas, they just can not produce an exact copy of the authentic watches. Some models are better imitated than others, and that is as far as they can go. Generally, Rolex watches are better replicated than more complex ones such as a Breitling Navitimer World GMT. In any case, even some of the best replicas miss out on those minute details that only the original manufacturers can produce. All you need is to know is where to look at.


Here are some essential characteristics of replicated models:


All machinery and metal quality of an original weigh significantly heavier when compared with the counterfeits. If you feel that your Rolex is a bit lighter than it should do, your suspicion may be true. However, in the recent times this loophole has been fixed by counterfeiters who eventually have added weight by stuffing sheets of lead inside the dial.

Have you checked the inscriptions correctly yet?. Many cheap copies have misspelled in the past.

Try to have a look closely inside the links of the belt. The surface should not be too rough or irregular. Original watches have smooth finishes.

Observe how the date changes when the minute hand passes the 12 o’clock mark. An original changes its date immediately, while keeping the aftershocks intact.

Replicas below $200 are equipped with an automatic movement made in Asia. These mechanisms are not complex enough to reproduce features of the original watches, which show something completely different, for example, days rather than seconds.

Often, the teeth of the bevel and shape of the crown guards differ from the authentic watches.

Hands – almost all replicas have one flaw: the second hands look different.

The Logo – sometimes even something as simple as a logo may have errors.


The Price


The price is definitely one of the indicators that distinguish a quality product from an imitation, so if someone is offering you a Hublot at a very low price, it is bound to be a fake. If anything is too good to be true, it usually is not.


The Model Number


The model number of the product must match the one provided in the booklet that comes along with the packaging box. While many counterfeiters have taken this detail into account, they will never have a verified number. Register your product in the maker’s website or call up customer care if you are not sure about the authenticity of the watch.


The Location


Obviously the place where you are going to buy the watch can give you an idea of the kind of products they might be able to sell. If it is a local without many references or work with different types of objects, you should most definitely doubt the originality of the brand, because you know probably know that it is not the same case while buying a specialized jewelry or a watch. Also, never buy expensive watches online through unauthorized dealers. It is always better to buy watches from authorized dealers as the chance of getting a fake watch from a authorized dealer is slim to none.

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